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 Smoke & Mirrors: How to Tell if Your Designer is Competent or All Hot Air

Smoke & Mirrors: How to Tell if Your Designer is Competent or All Hot Air

17 November 2015

As you look across the Internet for a web designer for your company, it’s not hard to get intimidated. After all, there is a seemingly endless array of choices, from big-time companies to individual freelancers.

Despite the challenges that come with choosing a designer, you can’t put off the decision. Having a professional web design is one of the best ways to increase your online conversion rates, gain attention for your business and increase the quality of your brand image. You just need to be able to evaluate potential web designers in an effective, trustworthy way.

First, there are a few questions you should ask yourself when considering any potential web developer:

  • Does the designer have experience in creating websites with similar functionality to mine?
  • Does the designer know how to create clean, intuitive websites?
  • Does the designer have a portfolio? If so, are the sites listed in the portfolio still using the designer’s product?
  • Is the designer qualified to help you improve your conversion rates?
  • Does the designer have testimonials, or referrals who are easy to contact?

The answers to these questions will tell you a lot about the professionalism and quality of any potential designer you might pick. If, for example, the designer’s clients have tended to move on to a different design, you can likely assume they were not satisfied with the product they received. If the designer has very few testimonials, or worse, negative reviews, you can assume the product will be poor or they will not be easy to work with.

After you have made an initial decision on your web designer, the way in which you communicate will also be a good indicator of whether it will be a good long-term arrangement. You should be able to easily get a hold of the designer and have open conversations about your budget, what feelings or ideas you wish to convey through your design, the main objective of your website, any special functionality you need, goals for your site after it is launched and more. Your developer should be open to the ideas you have, and be able to make professional recommendations based on your goals and vision.

At IDMI.Net, we have a significant amount of experience in working with businesses of all sizes for their web design needs. Contact us today for more information about how you can boost your business’s digital presence.

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