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5 Major Search Engine Optimization Myths Busted

5 Major Search Engine Optimization Myths Busted

02 February 2016

Despite Search Engine Optimization (SEO) being an important part of any digital marketing campaign, there are a whole lot of misconceptions surrounding the practice that tend to turn people off of it.

Here are a few of those biggest SEO myths and the truth behind them:

  • “SEO doesn’t work.”Where to begin with this one? Not only does it work, but it’s imperative for the success of a business. Search is the fourth top activity online, behind only email, social media and video. People are constantly searching for businesses and products. Leads generated from search are approximately eight times more likely to turn into sales than outbound leads. Lots of research shows users are much more likely to use organic search results than paid ad listings.
  • “My business doesn’t need SEO.” Even if you’re doing well with your traditional marketing, every company can benefit from SEO in some way. Numerous studies have shown 80 percent of American consumers look at online reviews before buying a product or using a service. Nearly 90 percent of Americans use the Internet every single day. If you aren’t promoting your business online and doing what you can to improve your search engine rankings, you’re missing out on what could very well be the largest growth opportunity for your business.
  • “I’m better off with PPC.” Pay-per-click advertising does bring in instant results, and can be a great short-term boost to your advertising. However, it is significantly more costly than SEO and is not a long-term solution. We already established that more people click on organic search results than paid advertisements. SEO avoids increasing costs, and compounds in effectiveness over time, giving continuous results for your business. So while SEO does take some time, it is extremely effective and inexpensive once established.
  • “SEO-oriented copy reads like spam.” Correction: bad SEO-oriented copy reads like spam. Keyword stuffing is a practice of the distant past. Long gone are the days of trying to squeeze in your high-priority keywords and phrases at every opportunity. Today, Google’s algorithms are all about regularly producing high-quality content. While keywords are still important, they aren’t the end-all be-all of SEO, and keyword stuffing will actually hurt you more than help you.
  • “SEO changes too quickly for me.” While Google does constantly change its algorithms, the basic principles of SEO do not change very often. Most of Google’s algorithm changes will not affect your website’s rankings.

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