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Why You Should Opt for Professional Web Designers Over Freelancers

Why You Should Opt for Professional Web Designers Over Freelancers

03 May 2016

Companies that are looking to improve their web presence often face a big choice before taking any action: will they go with a professional web design company, or hire a freelancer?

It’s easy to see why many small business owners choose freelancers. They have a limited stock of available funds as it is, and freelancers are often significantly cheaper. However, it’s important to look at far more factors than just cost when designing your website. In many cases, cost is where the benefits of using a freelancer come to an end.

Here are some of the biggest reasons you should opt for professional web designers over freelancers:

  • Greater guarantee of quality. Simply put, you never know exactly what you’re going to get out of a freelancer. While there are some talented freelancers out there, they are few and far between, spread out amidst an ocean of people simply trying to make some quick bucks but who don’t have the proper training in web design. When you work with a web design company you are able to view portfolios, check reviews of the company’s services and overall benefit from a greater guarantee of quality and consistency.
  • Timely service. Freelancers are notorious for being flaky and unable to keep to a schedule. If a timely completion of your project is important to you, you should look to a web design company, which is able to meet your stricter deadlines.
  • Better communication. Professional web designers working for an agency not only have more design training, but they are also more skilled in customer service. Part of their job is being readily available to talk to you whenever you have questions or concerns and providing you with regular updates about the state of your project.
  • Long-term assistance. You are more likely to be able to build a long-term relationship with a web design company than a freelancer, who could very well move on to other projects or ventures. This is important should you have any performance issues or need any updates made to your design.

In the end, you get more for your money working with a professional designer, even if the price tag is a little higher than what you’d get out of a freelancer. If quality and service are important to you, a professional will always be the correct choice.

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