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Professional Web Design vs. Services Like Wix and Squarespace

Professional Web Design vs. Services Like Wix and Squarespace

02 August 2016

Chances are you know people or businesses that have used a platform like Wix, Squarespace or Weebly to build their own website. For people who do not have much web design experience, this can be a good way to build their first website without having to sweat over code and without having to shell out for a uniquely designed site.

However, if you’re looking for the best standards in customization, better performance, and you don’t want to learn how to use a new platform, choosing to work with a professional web designer will always be your best bet.

Here are some of the biggest benefits of using a professional web designer instead of using an online website building platform:

  • Customization.  This is the single-biggest benefit a professional designer can offer you. While a service like Wix may make it easy for you to build a site, you are confined to the options the service presents to you. A professional web designer can build a site from scratch to your specifications without having to fit their work into an existing template and without being limited by a defined set of tools.
  • Ongoing service. You can develop a relationship with a professional web designer to ensure any problems that arise with your site are fixed immediately and any updates you need are implemented smoothly and efficiently. Having a real person you can go directly to for assistance is an outstanding benefit. When working with a Squarespace type of service, you’ll have to go through quite a hassle before you ever actually end up speaking with someone, and even then, you might not actually get a solution to your problem.
  • Future proof. Using a CMS platform means certain tools or features you implement could become outdated, and it’s up to the person who designed that feature to decide whether they’ll update it or not. Having a relationship with a professional web designer essentially future-proofs your site, as you can go to them for updates whenever necessary.
  • Branding.  Greater customization affords better branding opportunities for your business. People can easily tell when you’re using a stock template for your website. Having a dynamic, original design with your company’s colors and attitude featured prominently throughout does a lot to boost your brand image.
  • Ownership.  Last but not least, with a website building service you typically don’t own your website. When your contract is up, you would not be able to move your website to another provider, but would have to start from scratch with a new website.

Talk to the team at IDMI.Net for more information about why opting for a professional web design service is the best decision in the long run.

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