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Optimizing Your Site for Local Searches

Optimizing Your Site for Local Searches

31 July 2017

You can create what appears to be the best website for your business, but if your customers can’t find you what good is the website? Adding local search engine optimization (SEO) to your online presence can drastically improve your ranking on search engines like Google and make sure customers in your geographic area can find your business.

More and more customers are using local searches to find nearby businesses. With proper SEO, the odds of a business winning the nearby customer is very strong. Without your local information accessible in online searches, your potential customer may very well turn into your competitor’s customer because they simply never knew your business was in the area.

Business Pages and Custom URLs

One of the simplest and quickest ways you can increase your local SEO is by creating a Google My Business page. The Google My Business page will have all the information about your business that a customer is interested in knowing. Make sure the page is accurate and detailed with as much relevant information about your company or services as possible. This will help you rank in search engine lookups for your industry and location, but more importantly gives your potential customers another opportunity to find you.

Take the time to make separate URLs for each city or town that your business serves. Every time a customer searches for your industry with a location keyword, your business will rank in these searches. Use unique content on each of these pages as search engines are savvy enough to recognize duplication and will downgrade your ranking because of it.

Review Sites and Online Reviews

Take advantage of creating business pages on sites that your customers frequent. Think about Yelp, Angie’s List, Citysearch, and Foursquare as options. You’ll want to create your company page using the exact same information and format in all instances for your business. Doing so will help your customers find you when they search these sites and will also bring your business up in search engine rankings.

On your website, encourage customers to leave reviews about your business. Positive reviews can go a long way in giving your business a good reputation, and they can help give your business another chance to come up in search results.

With a few tweaks, you can significantly improve your business visibility through local SEO, allowing you to rank higher in search engine searches. This ultimately means customers will be able to find you and they will certainly be more apt to buy from you - helping to increase your reputation and bottom line.

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