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"Free" Tools

"Free" Tools

25 March 2019

The True Cost of “Free” Tools

If you’re considering hosting your website on a free platform, you’ll quickly discover that free isn’t really free. Between “freemium” upgrades, time spent learning to be your own tech support and lost revenue from an unprofessional appearance, a free site may end up costing you more than investing in an experienced website builder.

Below are six reasons why you shouldn’t trust your business with free website platforms.

Limited design options

Your business is unique and deserves a website to match. Free website builders offer a selection of templates to customize, but you’ll end up with the same template many other businesses are using. You might have the option to pay more for better looking templates, defeating the purpose of your free design. Web design is a skill, and even customizing the “easy-to-use” templates to effectively achieve your vision requires understanding web design best practices. It’s worth investing in a professional who can help you achieve your vision and save you the extra work.

Appears unprofessional to customers

Customers can tell when you decided to skimp on web services. Some sites place ads on your page to generate revenue from your “free service.” This includes advertising their web services to your clients, adding an additional sales message that won’t benefit your bottom line. If you didn’t bother to pay for the domain name, you’ll have a longer URL that includes your website builder’s name. If a customer is considering investing in your business’ product or service, they want to see that you’re committed to putting your best face forward and not cutting corners.

Insufficient SEO

Many free website builders have a space where you can enable SEO, which may seem sufficient for ensuring search engines find your page. SEO is much more complicated than adding keywords to a page. An experienced website builder will customize your website’s SEO on individual pages to effectively reach your target audience.

Less than ideal customer service

Your business relies on your site working properly. If your site breaks, you lose money. If you are using a free service, the provider is not incentivized to answer your question because you aren’t a paying customer. You can contact their customer service and hope for a timely answer, and in the meantime search knowledge bases and forums to try to fix the problem. A local hosting company will help you solve the problem quickly, minimizing the impact on your customers.

Sketchy security

As with customer service, cybersecurity is less of a concern for free web platforms because you’re not a paying customer. If your site is hacked, it could be very difficult to regain control. You risk losing not only data, but also customers.

You can’t move your website later

If you currently have your website on a free platform and are ready to transition, it’ll be more complicated than you think. All the work you put into the website and the data you’ve generated is challenging to move to another platform. If you don’t have web developing experience it will be difficult moving your website on your own, but a professional web building company can help preserve your work.

Your business deserves a professional website that attracts customers and reflects your brand. At IDMI.Net we are dedicated to helping our clients create websites that make a powerful impression. To find out more about how we can help you invest in a high quality website for your company, contact us today.

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