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Microsoft Edge Updates

Microsoft Edge Updates

20 August 2019

Check Out the Latest Updates From Microsoft Edge

Microsoft is gearing up to compete in the browser arena with their latest updates of Microsoft Edge. The company debuted their new web browser Edge in 2015 when it was released with Windows 10. It is available on Windows 10 devices, Xbox One, and more recently Android and iOS. It became available for macOS in 2019.

In the past few years Microsoft has turned its attention to the Edge browser from the long-running Internet Explorer, which it stopped supporting in 2015. Still, Edge has fewer than 5 percent of the market share for web browsers as of June 2019, including fewer users than Internet Explorer.

Microsoft is currently integrating the open-source Chromium project into their development. The change will increase web compatibility for users and decrease fragmentation for developers.

Whether you’re just learning of Microsoft Edge or are a regular user, here are some of the new features to keep you up-to-date on Edge.

Autofill management changes in Edge

Autofill is a feature that’s been previously available in Edge and most other browsers. In the newest version of Microsoft Edge, users will more easily be able to manage their autofill settings.

Users have greater control of the autofill feature and can better see what information is stored. You can enable or disable autofill and have the ability to view, delete and manage your passwords, payment info and addresses. You can now manage passwords directly within the Edge browser, rather than going through Settings on your computer.

Autofill settings are now more user-friendly. When typing in an address, Edge lets you preview your autofill data for all suggestions, allowing you to select the correct address if you have multiple stored. For login credentials, you can select a credential pair for both the username and password.

Are you unwilling to try Edge because you don’t want to migrate your browser data? With Edge you can import data from another browser at first launch through your computer’s Settings > Profile. Credit card data still needs to be entered manually in Edge on first use, for now.

Microsoft developers are working to sync autofill data across devices, which will be available in future builds.

PDF improvements in Edge

With the October 2018 Windows 10 update, the way Edge users view PDF files saw a big update.

The biggest changes were to the PDF viewer toolbar. The PDF toolbar is now available by simply hovering over the top of a document. The toolbar shows text descriptions next to the icons to make them easily understandable. To keep your toolbar handy, you can pin and unpin the toolbar at the top of the doc. There is also a new notes feature, accessible from the toolbar, allowing you to annotate PDFs.

Microsoft also improved PDF rendering by showing less of the white pages when scrolling through files.

Microsoft Learning Tools in Edge

Edge is the only browser with Microsoft Learning Tools built in, which help users with reading and focusing on your site. Users can customize pages to help them better read and absorb the information by applying a theme or selecting custom colors. Line focus allows readers to read along a line, a la a reading ruler. An offline dictionary and grammar tools augment readers’ learning experience.

Microsoft’s young browser is still growing as it adds more features and becomes available on more platforms. These changes will help it better compete with other browsers.

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