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Improve Communication with Customers

Improve Communication with Customers

02 March 2020

How to Improve Communication with Your Customers

Communication is critical to your relationship with your customers. Without communication, your audience won’t know what you’re selling or why they should care about your brand. Effective marketing requires knowing your audience so that you can send the right message through the right channel that will resonate strongly with your customer.

Find your audience

To know how well you’re communicating with your audience, you first have to understand who your audience is. You need to know your customers on a cultural and emotional level. By understanding their demographics, their activities, their professions and their interests, you can craft a message that resonates with them.

Some of the questions you’ll need to ask about your audience include:

  • What is the age range you’re trying to reach?
  • What is their gender?
  • What is their ethnicity, race and/or culture?
  • What is their education level?
  • Where do they live?
  • Where do they work?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • What other brands to they like?

Define your message

Your audience won’t understand what you’re trying to say if you don’t have a clear message. Worse, they may come away with the wrong message. Consider what you want to convey to your audience and the best way to do so. Would a casual message work best, or should you stay professional? Does your audience love memes? What about motivational quotes? Whatever you decide, be sure to stay consistent so that your audience is always able to connect with your brand.

Choose your channels

Now that you know what you want to say and who you want to say it to, you need to identify the best channel for your message. Whether your audience is teenagers or seniors will impact where you place your marketing dollars for sharing your message. B2B marketing will also change where you need to put your message. You can only use so many channels for sharing your message while still being effective, so it’s important to focus on the platforms where you’re most likely to connect with your audience.

Tell a story

Storytelling is the most important part of connecting with your audience. Everyone loves a good story. Stories make people feel strong emotions, which in turn connects them with your brand. A strong emotional connection makes a viewer more likely to become a repeat customer. Great stories also make it more likely for viewers to share your content, helping your brand gain even further reach.

Share relevant content

Generating enough content to keep your audience engaged can be a difficult task. Whether you’re planning for social media posts or creating a video series, you’ll need to think of new ways to communicate with your audience. Get creative with the stories you share. Work with other brands your audience loves to create cross-promotional content. Share customer feedback so prospective buyers know what to expect. Issue contests to generate more social media conversation around your brand. Once you understand which messages and stories resonate with your audience, you’ll be able to create more content they’ll love.

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