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Logo Color Communication

Logo Color Communication

14 April 2020

What Is Your Logo Color Communicating About Your Brand? 

Colors have a powerful impact on the way we feel. Whether it’s the color of our living room or the colors we wear in an interview, we can’t help but feel a certain way when we see certain colors.

This is especially true when customers see your brand’s logo. Consciously or not, they already know something about your brand based on the color you use in your logo. For example, some colors are associated with specific industries. Banks tend to use green in their logos. Food companies prefer red. Technology logos often feature blue.

Colors communicate feelings that your customers innately understand. If you can tap into the right color and design for your logo, you can quickly build trust.

Below are some common logo colors and what they tell customers about your brand.


Red is associated with strong feelings such as anger and aggression but also love and passion. Similarly, red is associated with fire and heat. Whether positive (love) or negative (hate), red makes the heart beat faster.

Benefits of featuring red in your logo include:

  • Increasing appetite, as in food chains
  • Stimulating heart rate
  • Creating urgency, like for sales and impulse shopping


Like red, yellow is associated with the heat of the sun. Instead of being passionate, yellow is cheery and happy. Yellow stimulates the nervous system and mental processes, encouraging communication. A warning if you have younger customers: babies hate yellow (good thing they don’t require web design from IDMI.Net!).

If you have yellow in your logo, you’ll convey to your customers:

  • Optimism
  • Clarity
  • Warmth


Green is often associated with nature and the beauty of the outdoors. As such, it can be an indicator of good health. In the U.S., green is the color of money and signifies wealth. It can also be used to signify jealousy, as in the phrase, “green with envy.”

Viewing the color green can actually benefit your health:

  • Green alleviates depression.
  • Workers in green rooms have fewer stomachaches.
  • The human eye is most sensitive to shades of green.


Blue is the color of the sea and the sky. It represents tranquility and calm. Blue is associated with feelings of trust and order.

Many businesses feature blue in their branding because:

  • Blue is non-threatening and non-invasive.
  • Blue represents security and cleanliness.
  • Blue is a constant color in people’s lives.

If you’re considering a rebrand, use the psychology of color to create a logo that speaks to your audience.

A new website can be part of the rebranding process. Contact IDMI.Net today to learn more about how we can help you with a rebrand.  

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