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M365 Service

M365 Service

13 January 2022

With work from home and other decentralized models seemingly set to outlast the pandemic, demand for enhanced productivity tools is growing. Microsoft, something of a standard-bearer in the office world, has answered that call through their M365 suite and Teams meeting software; larger inboxes, better calendar integration, more OneDrive capacity, and more fluid communication are just some of the perks on offer. And IDMI.Net can bring them to your business or organization with even more functionality.

Email Made Better

Email hosting through IDMI.Net is powered by Microsoft, and it includes custom domain names with a minimum of 50GB of storage per inbox. The ubiquity of the service proves its mettle; Microsoft’s offerings power the email capabilities for a huge percentage of the world’s industries. IDMI.Net can make the service even more functional with enhanced virus protection/spam filtering above and beyond Microsoft’s stock tools, keeping your business safe from malicious outsiders.

Easy To Use Calendars

M365 services through IDMI.Net also include more dependable and complete calendar integration. Absences and other variations, special working days, company-wide deadlines—scheduling is just more difficult when workers aren’t centralized. M365 integrates calendars with Teams and email, so invitations are added as events seamlessly and personal calendars can readily be made available to or integrated with others. Keeping track of employees and helping them keep track of important dates/events has never been easier.

More Storage

M365 services now include 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage per account. Employees working from home or out of the office no longer have to worry about dwindling hard drive space, and managers/colleagues no longer have to worry about losing access to needed documents just because a particular computer isn’t connected to a network/VPN. These solutions mean less working time is lost to IT issues, or at the very least lost time can be localized to one employee rather than an entire project team.

With so many businesses adopting some level of remote work for employees, dependable and professional tools are becoming vital in a growing number of industries. Don’t let delayed adoption of those essentials slow down or otherwise your business. Contact IDMI.Net today.

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