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Great Ideas for Adding Value to Your Website

Great Ideas for Adding Value to Your Website

31 January 2022

For your business, a website is an online storefront. What if we told you it's not that different from an offline store? In an offline store - the more accessible your products are to the customer, the more they buy. The same principle rings true for online stores too!

The rules are clear: You help visitors get what they want easily, the more they love your store and the more they buy from you. You can go a step further - educate them about the intensity of problems, the many ways to solve them and propose your product as a solution.

A user-friendly website ensures people stay longer, build trust and of course, buy your product/service. Let's talk about 5 things you can add to your website to make it more user-friendly to your visitors:

  1. Blog:
    • Over 80% of Internet users read blogs globally. This includes a huge chunk of your prospective customers.
    • With blogs, you educate your customers about their problems and how to solve them. You come across as a trusted source. As a person sees your detailed blogs that solve their problem, they see you as an authority by default.
    • So when you introduce your products to them, they are inclined to buy as you've built trust already. Last but not the least, blogs help immensely in improving your website's SEO rankings - leading to more traffic!
  2. LiveChat:
    • Say a visitor visits your product page and wants to buy the product, but has a doubt about it and won't buy it until it's resolved.
    • They see you have a contact form but know very well that emails take hours or even days to get answered. What will they do? They bounce from your website.
    • This entire scenario can be averted by having a LiveChat on your website. What does LiveChat do? It solves the visitors' doubts in real-time - either by your customer support representative or by an automated chatbot.
  3. ADA Compliance:
    • The 'ADA' in ADA Compliance stands for Americans with Disabilities Act. It makes it mandatory for websites to provide equal access to users who meet ADA standards for disability.
    • The accessibility laws vary across states so it's always advisable to ensure your website is ADA Compliant to avoid lawsuits.
    • You can test your website for ADA compliance through this tool.
  4. Analytics Tools:
    • Analytics are the security cameras on your website. They describe the pages users visit on your website, where the users come from, how much time they spend on it and which pages they 'bounce' from.
    • Thanks to the data, you'll know exactly which pages are working and which aren't. You can A/B test changes to find the best versions of pages that ensure your key performance indicators are up to the mark.
  5. FAQ Page:
    • FAQ pages help you solve customer queries at scale. Take a note of your most frequent customer service queries and answer them all on a FAQ page.
    • FAQ pages separate your website from your competitors as they remove the element of uncertainty from the minds of your customers and hence, they prefer you over other websites.
    • Let IDMI.Net help you implement one or more of these features to make your website more useful to it’s visitors!

Let IDMI.Net help you implement one or more of these features to make your website more useful to it’s visitors!

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