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What’s the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

What’s the Difference Between Domain Name and Web Hosting?

15 July 2022

When setting up a website, you’ll likely hear the phrases Domain Name and Web Hosting tossed around. Both domain and web hosting are necessary for your website to exist. Though the two work hand-in-hand, there’s actually a significant difference between domain name and web hosting.

If you plan on setting up a website, it’s important that you know the difference between the two. This guide will help you understand the difference, as well as explain how to acquire a domain and web hosting service for your website.

What is a Domain Name?

The domain name is the website’s address, which allows web users to easily find your website.

Every website and server on the internet has its own unique IP address. This IP address is what makes the website or server identifiable. An IP address is comprised of a unique string of characters that may look something like this:

Since it would be nearly impossible for a user to memorize every IP address when searching for a specific website, domains exist. Every website has its own IP address, but the domain name is what makes the website easily searchable on the internet.

This domain name is a second-level domain (a word, phrase, or any combination of searchable letters) and followed by a top-level domain (.com, .net, .edu). For example, is the domain name for our homepage.

In order to obtain a domain name, you’ll need to buy or rent one so that it can be officially registered. You’ll also have to renew your domain periodically in order to maintain ownership of the domain name.

What is Web Hosting?

Similar to domain names, every website needs web hosting to exist. While the domain is the identifiable name of your website, web hosting is where all of your website files are stored. Think of it this way, if your website was a house, the domain name would be the street address and web hosting would be the physical house.

A web hosting service maintains a stable and secure storage space for all of your web files to exist. This data is stored on a server and allows your website to be displayed when the domain name is searched.

Obtaining a Domain Name and Web Hosting

While you could technically set up a domain name and web hosting on your own, it would require a lot of technical knowledge and hardware. A much simpler solution is setting up a domain name with a web hosting service.

IDMI provides straightforward web hosting and domain name registration. We provide a safe, secure, and stable space for your website to exist. And if you don’t already have a domain, we can help you set one up. We also help you manage any domains that you may have. With our domain name and web hosting services, creating a digital footprint for your organization has never been simpler. Click here to learn more about our domain and hosting services or contact us today for a free quote!

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