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5 Signs Your Janitorial Website Needs to be Updated 

5 Signs Your Janitorial Website Needs to be Updated 

21 November 2022

Your website is the first point of contact when people search for janitorial products or services in your area. We know you’re probably thinking, “I have a website, and it’s fine. Sure, there are some things I would change, but I think it’s okay.” And we understand, but the real question is this– is your website performing at its best? 

To help answer that question, here are 5 signs it’s time to update your janitorial website. 

1) You’re Site is 5+ Years Old 

On the Internet, things can change in an instant. If your website is over 5 years old, then you should consider updating it. If a website looks outdated, visitors might feel it’s untrustworthy and choose to go somewhere else. There’s also the issue that your pages might not be mobile-friendly since many old designs aren’t responsive. That could be detrimental because more people search on their phones than ever before. If you want your website to attract new customers, then it needs to be visually appealing, have up-to-date information and work the same on all available platforms. 

2) Your Site is Missing Important Security Features 

A secure website is essential for operating on the Internet. In fact, if your site is deemed “unsecured,” it will be flagged by Google and not show up in searches or have a huge red warning telling visitors it’s unsafe. Some of these features include: 

  • HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) 
  • SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 
  • A Secure Web Host 
  • PCI Compliant Software 

http vs https

These are just a few of the basic protections you need to have but there could be more depending on what happens on your site. For example, if you accept card payments, then you need to also ensure you’re following PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) to protect yourself and your customers. 

3) You’re Not Getting Blog or Social Media Engagement 

Your website’s goal should be to sell  your company, but it also acts as a portal for people to view your blog posts and visit your social media pages. If your content doesn’t resonate with people, they’re less likely to read it, leave comments, or share it on their own pages. This could be for a multitude of reasons– out-of-date content or a difficult-to-navigate website to name a few. Any of these issues can be remedied with a website audit and upgrade. 

4) Your Site is Filled with Broken Links and Images 

If you’ve linked to sources or other pages on your site that are no longer operating, it will redirect users to a page not found message. If it’s an image, the picture won’t show. It’s not only unappealing for visitors, it makes your site look unprofessional and can cause people to leave and go to another place. This is easily fixed by updating links and swapping out images. 

5) There’s a Big Wall of Text 

In today’s Internet, people need to be able to skim your content to find the info they’re looking for. If there’s a huge block of text, it can put visitors off. Paragraphs should be simple and sweet with proper headings and spaces between them. Similar to what you see here! 

Does your janitorial website have any of these problems? Reach out to IDMI.Net today and we can help you breathe new life into your website. 

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