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 Add Dynamic Components to Boost Website Traffic

 Add Dynamic Components to Boost Website Traffic

12 December 2022

Including dynamic components on your website is an easy way to update a static website and help drive traffic. Some of the more popular dynamic components that are simple to add include catalogs, support portals and registrations.

Online Catalogs

As the Internet increasingly becomes the go-to source for product information, many companies are finding that adding an online catalog to their website can help drive traffic. 

There has been a surge in demand for adaptable, easy, and convenient purchasing options over the years. In fact, more and more companies have left their former brick-and-mortar setups in favor of a more cost-effective Internet-based option. And with the push for "everything digital," product catalogs have followed suit.

online catalog

To stay on-trend, adding a digital product catalog can help provide a better customer experience and give them a reason to continue coming back for more.

Online catalogs not only help the customer find what they need faster, but they add to the customer experience, so they are more likely to enjoy shopping and will either spend more or visit more. So, give your visitors a chance to browse through your inventory, see all of the options a product offers, and learn more about each item you offer. An online catalog is easy to add to your website, and it's also accessible from any device with a web browser.

Support Portals

Another way to add dynamic content to your website is to include support portals. By providing a place for visitors to go for answers to their questions, support portals can offer much-needed customer service and make you a go-to for future information.

Today the online customer demands more from your website, and you need to be prepared to provide it. According to Statista, 88% of surveyed customers said they expected a brand to have some form of online customer portal. 

You can use portals to provide a place on your website where customers can find answers to their questions, as well as submit new ones. Once you've developed a list of common questions, they can even be expanded to an FAQ area, but the important thing is to anticipate the customer's questions so they remain on your site, without leaving in favor of a competitor brand that has what you lack.

Registration Forms

Person filling out online form on phoneIf you're looking for a way to add dynamic content to your website, you may want to consider adding online registrations. When it comes to events, memberships or subscriptions, the only way to compete is by providing online registration.

For your business, it gives you unmatched access to customer data, an opportunity that is prime for upselling and cross-selling, and a convenient way to handle billing. Not to mention, online registrations are a great way to set up special fundraising opportunities.

For the consumer, online registration provides ease of access and a printable, physical receipt of payment in an instant. Also, you can boost participation by offering early-bird rates, which can be easily controlled via online registration.

In fact, most registrations now provide a scannable QR code, so you can go completely paperless as well. In the age of immediate gratification, online registration is a crucial way to boost engagement with your website.

These are just some of the ways to boost the customer experience on your website with useful tweaks that don't require a whole lot of work. Most of them are plug-and-play, but their value more than justifies any costs.

We've shown you how simply adding a dynamic component to your website can improve your user experience and encourage more engagement, but for other easy ways to improve your website, contact us today. Let's see what we can build together.

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