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Ongoing Maintenance Plans

Ongoing Maintenance Plans

09 January 2023

Once your website is up, ignoring it is a big mistake. You can’t post a site and forget about it. Like your business, your website needs ongoing maintenance.

But who has the time to maintain it properly?

Business owners often don’t have the bandwidth or skillset to perform necessary website upkeep. That’s where ongoing website maintenance plans can be a lifesaver.

We cover why it’s important to maintain sites, and what plans and services are available to help you build a great online presence.

Why Maintain a Website?

There’s nothing wrong with publishing a simple, straightforward website, but your bare-bones site will fall into obscurity and fail to attract the volume of visitors you want if you don’t actively continue to work on it over time.

These are some of the top reasons to maintain a site:

  1. Better user experience
  2. Higher search rankings
  3. Reaching a wider audience
  4. Getting site visitors to stay longer
  5. Improving SEO
  6. Fixing issues
  7. Adding fresh content
  8. Posting important updates
  9. Tying into social media
  10. Enhancing email marketing campaigns

By keeping your site updated, you ensure visitors to your site find plenty of great content to browse. The longer they stay, the greater the chances they’ll make a purchase or reach out to you.

Available Maintenance Plans and Services

Whether you don’t have time to maintain your site or you’re not sure how to do it, be aware that plans and services are available to get the work done without you having to do it yourself.

Maintenance plans and website update services can keep your site running smoothly, delivering a positive user experience without you having to spend your own time on necessary digital upkeep. These are some of the options available to you.

Content Management

Over time, writing gets stale, image files get corrupted, and videos break. Even if the files are fine, the content may get outdated.

The goal of content management services is to generate meaningful updates to help you connect better with your users. When your site needs fresh new material, content management system (CMS) services and tools can be a huge help.

Design Updates

As your business grows or changes direction, you may have to rebrand. Whenever your brand changes, your website will need design updates.

Maintenance services that address logos and design elements will keep your brand image consistent across all communication channels, including print and online.


One of the best ways to help your site grow and improve your organic search engine optimization (SEO) is to blog consistently.

If the idea of writing blogs on a regular basis doesn’t appeal to you, web maintenance services that focus on blogging will help your site keep growing with little effort on your part.

Blog posts on website

Social Media

Social media has become an important part of businesses’ digital presence, providing additional opportunities for attracting new customers.

Plans with social media add-ons focus on posting to platforms to ensure a wider online reach.

Social media feed by elfsight

Content Writing

As you add services and products, or as your business evolves, you’ll need new pages. Content writing services can help you add pages quickly, as well as update and expand existing ones, to keep your customers informed – as well as to improve your SEO.

Benefits to Your Business

A stagnant site leads to becoming less visible, and even irrelevant, over time. Maintaining a strong digital presence with a clean, working site, ongoing blogging, social media posts, and fresh new content will help your business grow.

Here are benefits your business can enjoy:

  • Improved SEO for better search rankings
  • Engaged audiences – customers stay up to date on new developments and share recommendations with others
  • A wider online reach
  • A more professional online look
  • Higher relevance and visibility
  • A better online user experience
  • Potentially more sales, growth, reviews, and referrals

Reach Out for Help

Ready to update and refresh your low-performing site?

Reach out to the website maintenance specialists at IDMI to start a conversation and discover what’s possible. Call us today.

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