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Fresh Content and Featured Items

Fresh Content and Featured Items

20 March 2023

A website is like a work of art – it’s never quite done. There’s always something you can add, revise, update, or improve.

And it’s important to keep adding fresh content to keep your site from becoming stagnant.

Discover how including banners and featured items, as well as adding new content, can help you increase engagement. A little effort each month can yield big results.

Fresh Content Draws People In

Whether it’s the SEO value that’s generated, or the presence of relevant material people are looking for, new content serves the important function of bringing more people to your site. Higher traffic typically leads to more conversions.

Adding fresh content on a regular basis keeps your site:

  • Current
  • Optimized
  • Relevant
  • Engaging
  • Updated

Posting a new keyword-optimized blog each month, for example, is a great way to boost your SEO and keep adding content to your website.

Featured Items Point the Way

If you run an ecommerce site, using the featured items element supplied by your platform can point visitors in the direction you’d like them to go. Featured items can alert them to any of these:

  • Bestselling products
  • New items
  • Items needing a sales boost
  • Highest margin products
  • Seasonal merchandise
  • Sales you’re currently running

You can rotate featured items around, changing them periodically to inform your customers about other items – or services – they might be overlooking.

Banners Get Noticed

Man using phone

Another way to add value to your website is to utilize banners. These are clickable sections that can drive more traffic to a specific section of your site.

Your banner can advertise sales, popular services, product categories, or anything else on your website. When the information within a banner – and even its design – stirs curiosity, the user will click on it and end up on a page of your choosing.

Use banners to drive traffic to specific pages and generate more sales.

Add Content with Little Effort

It doesn’t have to take long to add great content to your site. If you’re a janitorial distributor, for example, adding fresh content to your site this month can be as simple as:

  • Writing and posting a 500-word blog that highlights a problem your newest cleaning products can solve for your clients.
  • Including these new cleaning products as some of your site’s featured items.
  • Updating the banner to mention the availability of these new products and the discount you’re currently offering on them.

Use this formula for your business, whatever industry you’re in, and whatever products or services you offer:

Each month, highlight a product or service and showcase it through a helpful blog post, inclusion in your site’s featured item elements, and a brief mention in the banner.

By continually adding fresh content to your website, you’ll be taking concrete action that brings new customers to your site and motivates them to interact with you. The more attention you can get, and the more enthusiasm you can generate, the better your chances of making a sale.

If you’d like help with creating fresh content or adding featured items to your site, turn to the web design specialists at IDMI.Net. Let our expertise make your life easier. Contact us today.

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