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Microsoft 365 Offerings

Microsoft 365 Offerings

10 April 2023

For companies that continue implementing remote and work-from-home as their primary working conditions, the necessity for dependable digital interactions has skyrocketed. Fortunately, tools and software like Microsoft 365 have stepped up to meet the demand and now provide its users with larger inboxes, better calendar integrations, increased OneDrive capacity, and many seamless communication opportunities.

Together with M365, IDMI.Net can take these additional features even further and tailor them toward your business or organization's needs. This article discusses some of the features we offer through Microsoft 365.

Woman accessing vpn on laptopA Better Email

With IDMI.Net, Microsoft's email service offers more storage (a minimum of 50GB of storage per inbox) and enhanced virus protection and spam filtering to keep your business safe from malicious attacks. As more and more employees log in from home computers or tap into VPNs, it's more crucial than ever to ensure a safe and secure connection for email messages coming in and out.

Integrated and Easy-to-Use Calendars

Complete calendar integration helps remove confusion and centralizes employee scheduling. M365 integrates calendars with Teams and email so that absences, special working days, company-wide deadlines, personal calendars, and invitations can be added as events seamlessly. Calendars are readily available to help everyone stay updated on employees and on top of important dates and events throughout the year.

Enhanced Storage Capacity

With 1TB of OneDrive cloud storage per account, M365 has made it easier than ever for employees to work from home or any location without worrying about hard drive limitations. Managers and colleagues also no longer need to fret over losing access to essential documents simply because a computer isn't connected to a VPN. This remarkable solution results in less disruption due to IT issues since working time can be localized just among one employee instead of an entire project team!

More Productivity, Less Hassle

Dealing with non-work related tasks can eat away at your day and kill the productivity of your employees. Choosing a smart solution that works without interruption behind the scenes is a great way to remove those distractions and hassle. This allows your people to focus more on essential business tasks and less on tedious ones. With Microsoft 365 and IDMI.Net, you can manage user accounts, install software updates, and more remotely and with minimal effort.

By combining M365’s comprehensive suite of cloud-based business solutions with the data security and customization offered by IDMI.Net, your organization is well-positioned to increase productivity and make the most of cloud-based collaboration.

As more companies move towards a remote business model, professional and efficient tools are essential to remaining competitive. Don't let your business suffer from the delay in adopting such essentials - reach out to IDMI.Net today! With their help, you can rest assured that all necessary tools will be in place, so you don't miss any opportunities for success.

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