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Top Benefits of Ongoing SEO and Analytics Assessment

Top Benefits of Ongoing SEO and Analytics Assessment

17 April 2023

If you’re a book author, writing the book is only the start. To sell your book, you need to engage in ongoing marketing to get your title in front of readers.

It’s the same with websites. If you’re a business owner, manager, or marketer, having your site done is just the beginning. To sell your products and services, you must engage in ongoing search engine optimization, or SEO, along with targeted analytics assessments. We’ll explain why.

Why Ongoing SEO Matters

There is a need for businesses to keep optimizing their websites to stay relevant, stay on top of search engine results, and keep attracting potential clients.

Ongoing search engine optimization efforts can help you achieve the following:

  • Create a better user experience for site visitors
  • Rank better for relevant search terms
  • Bring your business to the attention of more potential customers
  • Grow your online presence organically
  • Increase traffic
  • Make more sales

SEO efforts include writing keyword-optimized blogs, adding new site pages, optimizing existing ones, and doing technical SEO so your site loads faster, among other things.

The Value of Assessing Analytics

How do you know if your SEO efforts are working? By assessing your analytics data.

An analytics plan can bring your business tremendous value by providing you with key insights on what’s working with your SEO strategy, and what can be improved.

Ongoing analytics assessments show you, in real-time, who visited your site when, which pages are converting, what your bounce rate is, and more.

Most of all, analytics plans ensure you’re making the most of digital tools designed to help you position and market yourself better.

Top Benefits

Analytics graph on tablet

Ongoing SEO and analytics efforts, aided by a solid analytics plan, can bring your business these top benefits:

  • A clear way to see what’s working with your SEO strategy
  • Pinpointing areas that need optimization improvement
  • Key insights on which pages, posts, products, and keywords are driving traffic best
  • Data on the demographics your business appeals to
  • Anytime access to reports that can help you pivot marketing efforts real-time

An analytics plan simplifies accessing and understanding data that you need to stay ahead of the competition so you can keep growing.

To Learn More

At IDMI.Net, we understand the value of ongoing SEO and analytics. It’s how we help businesses grow. We offer a Google Analytics plan that covers all bases to make sure you get the most out of this valuable search engine marketing tool.

Here’s what you’ll get for a one-time setup fee:

  • Creation of Google Analytics GA4 property
  • Registering your site with Google Search Console
  • Setting up and installing Google Tag Manager on your site
  • Creating Google Analytics tag within Tag Manager
  • Where possible, creating and registering single trigger goal for one contact form

We also offer these optional add-ons:

  • Creating and registering e-commerce purchases in J&M Catalog site
  • SmarterStats setup for a simpler interface with a more accurate activity view
  • Free SmarterStats setup on all websites hosted by IDMI.Net

Reach out to us today to learn more about our powerful analytics plan and how your business can benefit.

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