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Site Optimization (SEO), Analytics Plans, Assessment + Ongoing Support

Site Optimization (SEO), Analytics Plans, Assessment + Ongoing Support

10 July 2023

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important when it comes to generating organic traffic. It’s something that takes a while but can really pay off in the long run. At IDMI.Net, we understand how important it is to be able to measure the results of your SEO plans, which is why we have developed a set of solutions to keep you in the loop. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at our offerings and detail how they can help you.

Google Analytics Package

Google Analytics screenshot of graphs

While there are multiple analytic solutions available on the Internet, most people are familiar with Google Analytics. This platform has grown over the years and offers an advanced suite of tools that you can use to determine your ROI and better engage with your visitors. Google Analytics offers a variety of insight options that also give you the ability to better deliver on your audience’s expectations and needs.

There are also several other benefits that Google Analytics can offer you when it comes to making better decisions during website optimization campaigns.

IDMI.Net offers a comprehensive Google Analytics plan that creates a professional setup for tracking your website. You'll get a variety of services that will go a long way in ensuring you can effectively track the performance of your website and see how well your marketing strategies are working.

Screenshot of Google Analytics

The Google Analytics Package includes the following services:

  • IDMI.Net will create a Google Analytics GA4 property for your website.
  • Your website will be registered on the Google Search Console platform.
  • Google Tag Manager setup is included and will also be installed on your existing website.
  • The tag manager is also used to create Google Analytic tags to help improve the accuracy and usefulness of the data provided by the platform.
  • Create a trigger and goal system on Google Analytics for a single contact form on your website, which can help you track conversions.

Ongoing support can also be provided to ensure you are able to take advantage of the data Google Analytics provides and implement it into your website optimization strategies.


SmarterStats screenshot

For those who need a simple yet still reliable solution, the SmarterStats package is also a great analytic solution. If your website is currently hosted with IDMI.Net, then there are no setup fees that you will need to cover to get started with SmarterStats.

SmarterStats give you access to a simple administrative dashboard that offers an accurate view of all your website activity. For a low monthly fee you’ll have access directly to your visitor log files which typically can give more detail than a basic Google Analytics property, This is a great choice for those who do not want to feel overwhelmed with technical data.


Analytics plays an important role in understanding how well your SEO, paid advertising, and other strategies are working. You can use these solutions to determine how many visitors you get to your website, how long they stay, and which pages are popular, among other things. To get your analytics solution configured and ready for use, reach out to IDMI.Net for a professional and friendly service.

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