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Improving Customer Service: Live Chat - Part 3.

Improving Customer Service: Live Chat - Part 3.

16 October 2023

We’ve already written two previous entries in our Live Chat series. If you want to read Part 1 and Part 2 (even as a refresher), click the embedded hyperlinks.

Why is improving customer service with live chat so important to your janitorial supply company that we’ve written three blogs on it?

According to Hubspot, 9 of 10 customers rate “immediate response” as important when contacting companies. Live chat is far more conducive to that immediate response than social media, phone, and email. That seems worthy of a three-part blog series to us.

Let’s start this third installment by investigating a more technical aspect of your janitorial supply company’s live chat:

Where Should Live Chat Be Visible?

Merely implementing live chat is a crucial first step, but making it visible in the right places is equally vital. Here's what we mean:

  • You’ll engage visitors and customers in real time with live chat on your website, offering immediate responses to any inquiries.
  • Any customer seeking information about shipping or returns might also have questions about your policies or products. Ensure they can access your live chat on returns and shipping pages. This can help alleviate customer concerns and even minimize refunds.
  • A live chat widget on checkout pages decreases cart abandonment while bolstering conversion rates on your eCommerce platform.
  • Web apps and mobile apps with chat support offer users immediate support without them having to change channels.
  • FAQ pages with live chat are a natural fit. Customers are bound to have questions your FAQ pages can’t answer, and your live chat reps can seamlessly fill those gaps.

Take Customer Engagement To The Next Level.

After implementing live chat, customer engagement–by nature–is bound to amplify.

Adding other helpful tools to encourage engagement will enhance your live chat functionality and overall effectiveness. After all, the more your customers converse with you, the better your relationship and the more loyal they’ll be.

Consider implementing the following tools to make your live chats more conversational and interactive:

Woman on video call on laptop
  • Engage in face-to-face conversations with your customers using video chat. You can guide your customer through technical processes or offer product demos, building trust and loyalty along the way.
  • Your customers can share their browsers with you while visiting your website. This is known as co-browsing, and it can also be used to help guide customers through tricky forms and applications. This tool allows you to deliver an interactive, in-person experience in the virtual space.

Monitor And Manage.

Tracking customer service metrics is a must. While live chat inherently improves response times, there can always be room for more improvement. Any wasted time allows prospective shoppers to check out your competitor.

Ensure your live chat team is equipped with practical, real-time reporting tools, so you can keep making tweaks as your people develop proficiency in this area.

Live chat is one of many ways to grow your janitorial supply business. IDMI.Net has expertise in taking companies like yours to the next level with an array of impactful strategies and initiatives. Contact us today to learn more.

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