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Professional Design Work for a Competitive Edge

Consistent, appropriate, and eye-catching graphic design is a key part of establishing a company or organization’s brand identity. Failing to hit any one of those three marks can be the difference between an iconic brand and one that fades into obscurity or, perhaps worse, is remembered for the wrong reasons. You can’t afford to leave your brand identity in the hands of chance or inexperienced designers.

IDMI.Net’s in-house graphic designers are experienced, artistically versatile, and knowledgeable about changing trends and audience tastes. Our team can help your business or organization establish consistent, effective, visual branding in both digital and print mediums. IDMI.Net’s designers have experience developing a wide range of materials, from websites to brochures to business cards and everything in between. We dive into what makes your company unique and translate that into a visual identity that will resonate with your audience.

A strong professional identity starts with a slate of advertising and informative materials that feel like cohesive parts of a larger plan. When your rack cards, business cards, invoices, and so on match one another’s presentation, your organization is instantly elevated in the eyes of current and prospective clients. Whatever your needs, regardless of the intended medium, our designers can create eye-catching graphics and documents that communicate the essence of the your business.

Mahoning & Columbiana Training Association

The Cafe at Wittenauer's

LD Supply Company

Village Yoga

IDMI.Net also provides logo design and redesign services. Your logo is, by far, the most important aspect of your organization’s brand identity—we understand that. Our team can design iconography that will serve as effective visual shorthand for your business and what you do. If you have a well-known logo that’s starting to show it’s age or doesn’t align with the current vision of the company, our designers can help there, too. We have experience modernizing and updating existing logos to respect the identity you’ve established while appealing to changing sensibilities.