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Professionally Designed Marketing Emails and Campaigns

As social networks and other new media outlets occupy an increasingly prominent role in marketing campaigns, email is frequently overlooked by organizations large and small. But ignoring or underutilizing email marketing is a mistake. It’s easy to fall into the assumption that “a majority” of internet users these days flock to social media above all else, but the reality is that email remains the most widely utilized communication tool on the Web. Peek in your inbox and you’ll probably find marketing emails from some of the most successful companies in the world. They understand that email campaigns have vast reach and require very little investment of time or resources—if a campaign goes to 100,000 inboxes and has an open rate of 1%, they’ve reached 1000 new clients for next to nothing.

IDMI.Net has extensive experience in email marketing.

We can help you design and implement campaigns that will drive traffic to your online spaces, of course. But we also understand the broader possibilities presented by more targeted, personalized communications. Email marketing is an excellent way to transcend product or service advertisements and start to build relationships with your audience. Campaigns wishing your clients well during the holidays or expressing solidarity in uncertain times cost very little, but they can form the basis for a long-term partnership. Moreover, email campaigns allow you to target those lasting partners with special promotions, messaging, and more without making your newer clients feel left out—not an easy feat on social networks.