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Results-Driven Social Media Maintenance Solutions

Social media is one of the keys to successfully growing your business.

You’ve probably heard that sentiment, or some version of it, more times than you can count. But what, exactly, are you supposed to do with social media platforms? Treat them like another outlet for advertisements? Try to engage with your audience directly? The answer is difficult to nail down, in part because different industries and types of organizations use social media in fundamentally different ways. A fast food chain might successfully engage their customers with playful sarcasm, but that strategy won’t work as well for an office supply business.

Social Media post for Precision Chemical & Paper linking to information about Shrinkflation

Social Media post for D.H. Bertenthal & Sons linking to the correct cleaning equiptment and supplies you need for gym floors

At IDMI.Net, our marketers are social media savvy.

We can help you grow engagement and perfect your messaging in digital spaces, making sure that you have the right tools on the right social media platforms. That means helping you translate your company’s personality in a way that’s accessible to the diverse audiences that actively engage with social platforms, helping you determine which platforms you should or shouldn’t be using to reach your target audience, and preparing content schedules that will bring more visitors to your pages.