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Hosting Solutions for Organizations of All Sizes

For many businesses and organizations, setting up a dedicated web address and email domain is a major milestone. It signifies that your company has grown enough to warrant having an online footprint that’s entirely its own. When you make the leap to your own domain, though, you need to find a partner that understands your hosting needs and can tailor a service package to meet them. IDMI.Net has extensive experience doing just that.

Our web hosting services are straightforward.

We’ll help you register your domain (if you don’t already have one) and link it to your new or existing website, then host your content on our servers. Your business or organization will have a dedicated web address and your data will be stored securely. More to the point, when you need assistance or have concerns, you’ll always be able to communicate with one of our professionals. Real human beings—not automated response systems or complex FAQs—are a cornerstone of our customer service experience.

We’re also able to manage your domains for you.

We’ll notify you in advance of deadlines and handle the renewal process for as long as you care to maintain ownership of a domain. This service can be especially valuable for businesses or organizations that are growing in prominence and are increasingly vulnerable to cybersquatting (a process where an individual or group acting in bad faith register available domains related to well-known trademarks, then charge inflated prices when the trademark owners look to purchase those domains for legitimate use). IDMI.Net can help you make sure that you never lose a domain that you’ve secured for your organization.